Trademark Matters

This policy and process is designed to address trademark related complaints regarding websites that ePrintBD hosts for its customers. Our policy for copyright related complaints is located here: Copyright Matters.

ePrintBD offers electronic services including website hosting and the purchase of domain names (utilizing a third party registrar) through the use of automated, customer operated, online tools. Our toolset includes a variety of templates and online editing features that permit our customers to create, enter and/or upload website content of their choice. A website hosted by ePrintBD can usually be identified by the registrant name in the WHOIS record of the customer website domain name. Typically, a ePrintBD legal entity is listed as the registrant of a ePrintBD hosted website.

As part of our Terms of Use, our customers warrant that they have appropriate intellectual property rights in any content they create or upload to our servers for hosting as part of their customer website. Moreover, our customers agree to indemnify and hold harmless ePrintBD for all liability resulting from any breach of warranties including the aforementioned intellectual property warranty.

ePrintBD is under no obligation to investigate any matters which do not comply with the process or information requirements stated above. Nonetheless, and to the extent possible, any complaints related to ePrintBD hosted customer websites and third party trademarks will be handled by the foregoing process.

During our investigation, should circumstances dictate, and in our sole discretion, ePrintBD may follow an amended, delayed, expedited or modified process to that detailed above.