1. Personal Information

ePrintBD will inform you when it collects your personal information and also how the information is used. We don’t collect your information for no just cause, we collect your information when you request for a personalized service.

2. Non-Personal Information

We may also collect your non-personal information such as the operating system in use, your IP address, the browser you use and so forth. The information can be used to personalize and improve the services we provide to you. We may also use the non-personal information we collect to determine the number of visitors who visit our page and to provide more security and confidentiality in our services.

3. Our Cookies Policy

We make use of cookies to collect some information about you. When your computer visits a website, cookies are stored on your browser to keep track of your activities. We may make use of the cookies to improve and customize the services we offer you. ePrintBD will notify you before it starts collecting cookies on your device. Moreover, we make sure that you are in complete control of the cookies. This means that you can choose to enable and disable the cookies and even delete them anytime you want.

4. How We Use Users Information

ePrintBD pays special attention to the information collected from users. Firstly, we make sure that all the information we collect is given voluntarily by the user. We notify our users of any iota of information we collect about them. We also inform our users about the intentions and purpose of collecting their personal information. Furthermore, our users’ personal information is not disclosed to a third-party. We guard the users’ personal information and make it a priority to keep it confidential. We do not use the users’ personal information for our personal purposes but we make use of it to improve the services we render to the user in order to serve them better.

5. Information We Share With Partner or Affiliate Sites

ePrintBD may affiliate or partner with some other websites. Our affiliate or partner websites are carefully chosen and we make sure that they are respectable brands. However, even though we handpick our affiliates, we understand that they may have different privacy policies from ours. This is why we do not share your personal information with our affiliates unless you require that. It is also possible we obtain information about you (such as your contact information, demographic information) through our partners or affiliates. We also encourage that our users should go through the privacy policies of our affiliate sites before using their services.

6. Message Boards, Comments, Questions, and Submissions

Information provided in message boards and forums may not belong to our clients and therefore we may not make warranties on them.

However, we reserve the right to make use of the information provided in the form of comments, questions, submissions and so forth. We can reproduce or even disclose such information as we deem fit as long as it is provided through the means stated above.